German Digital Signature Act and German Digitial Signature Ordinance

The Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway (Bundesnetzagentur) is the competent authority in accordance with §3 of the Signatures Act (SigG). On 6 May 2008, the agency accredited SRC as

  • Testing laboratory for products for qualified electronic signatures (§ 15 Abs. 7 Satz 1 or § 17 Abs. 4 Satz 1 German Signature Act ) and
  • Testing and Confirmation Office for Security concepts of providers of certification service (§ 15 Abs. 2 SigG) pursuant to § 18 Abs. 1 S. 1 SigG

Products for the creation of qualified electronic signatures particularly include

  • Secure signature creation devices (e.g. signature cards) as well as
  • Signature application components (signature software, drivers, chip card readers) and
  • Technical components for the provider of certificate services (e.g. the directory service).

We offer confirmation services according to the German signature act either based on an existing Common Criteria evaluation of a product or in combination with the conduction of a CC evaluation.

Examples of evaluations that SRC conducted together with a confirmation according to the Signature Act:


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