Testing methods for components used in electronic payment transactions

SRC conducts evaluations to supports manufacturers of

in proving compliance with applicable security standards.  
SRC is accredited as competent security evaluation body for payment components by the following payments schemes and certification bodies::

Our Offer

We evaluate the security of components and systems that are to be used in electronic payment systems. For examples:

  • Hard- and software for terminals and security modules,
  • System concepts, cryptographic procedures and protocols,
  • Operating systems and chip card applications,
  • Security of the integrated semi-conductors (amongst others verification of resistance against Side Channel Attacks, e.g.  Simple Power Analysis (SPA), Differential Power Analysis (DPA), Electromagnetic Emanation (EMA) or Fault Injection Attacks e.g. by laser beams),
  • Organisational measures during development. Production and operation of security-relevant components.


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