Network Security Audits

The identification of vulnerabilities threatening the confidentiality, integrity or availability of sensitive information, is the central focus of this service area. By risk analysis risks can be identified and their effects on the information can be assessed. They provide the basis for the definition of appropriate measures to achieve an adequate level of security permanently.

Security audits are an appropriate tool to measure the corporate security adequately. SRC offers a wide range of different audits due to various accreditations:

  • PCI DSS audits
  • Logical and Physical Security Audits (MasterCard)
  • Basic Protection audits
  • ISO 27001 audits
  • audits in accordance with the Gematik requirements for producers of health cards
  • audits in accordance with the Gematik requirements for operators of card application management system (CAMS) or the second level CAs
  • Individual audit

Based on various approvals we also offer combined audits, e.g. combined PCI DSS and Logical Security audits. With combined audits your internal costs are reduced because less personnel capacities are used for the audit.

Uncover and close security gaps

After identifying and evaluating vulnerabilities, we will be pleased to support you by the definition of appropriate technical and organizational measures for their long-term removal. Pragmatic measures are defined with the objective of reaching and maintaining the required level of safety in the long term.


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