Test and Quality Assurance

The art of testing consists of the guarantee of the targeted quality of a product during its life cyce at reasonable costs.

Our Offer

  • We support you in the test conception and the test specification.
  • We offer the SCALA Test-Tools for the test of software systems, smart cards and terminals.
  • We support you in performing the tests.

Your Benefits

  • You benefit from the extensive experience of SRC.
    SRC does not only develop test concepts, but SRC does also support companies in their test planning and their test performing and is itself a supplier of test tools and test suites. You benefit from the extensive experience of SRC even if you only engage a small part of the services of SRC.
  • You receive the targeted quality at reasonable costs.
    SRC considers from the beginning the aspect of the test coverage. By the choice of the correct test coverage you ensure the targeted quality of your product at reasonable costs.
  • Your costs for the testing due to the life cycle of your products (new releases) is minimised.
    During all test phases SRC recognises that the products change and that there are continously new releases, - with the consequence that the test infrastructure has to be adapted. These considerations result in a reduction of your testing costs due to the life cycle of your products.


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