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Paying in 2025 - Scenarios for the future of the payment systems in Germany

A study conducted by SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH with professional support of Z_punkt The Foresight Company and Fraunhofer INT.

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Instant Payments, the digitalisation of purchases, strict regulations, payment initiation services and account information services - it is clear already today that these topics will influence the world of payments significantly in the future. However, the exact form and utilisation of these factors essentially depends on certain drivers – and their influence is much harder to predict:

How strong are fintechs going to be? Which role do internet giants want to play in future? Will customers accept new payment procedures? Which authentication procedures are available? How is the willingness to cooperate going to develop in the banking industry?

The study “Paying in 2025 – Scenarios for the future of the payment systems in Germany” therefore does not strive to predict the “one true” future. Rather, we used the input from our survey and various expert workshops to identify those factors that are most likely to influence the future of payment over the next decade.

On this basis we developed various internally consistent scenarios of the future which can help to understand what paying in 2025 may look like. With this study, we aim to support the decision-makers in the payments sector in the analysis of the opportunities and challenges of the future payments landscape.

You can reach the website of  Z_punkt The Foresight Company” and “Fraunhofer Instituts für Naturwissenschaftlich-Technische Trendanalysen INT” via and

Please note: the detailed study and the print version are only available in German.

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