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Examples of customized trainings offered by SRC

EMV-Workshop: chip card-based payments on the basis of the specifications of Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV)

Chip cards enable international transactions with debit cards and credit cards at POS terminal and ATMs.

The basis for the smooth interaction of chip cards, terminal, and backend systems are the so-called EMV-specifications  that are published by Europay, MasterCard and Visa.

The national implementation of these EMV-specifications in Germany consists of:

  • the terminal specification for the use of foreign EMV-cards (debit) and domestic and foreign EMV-cards (credit) at German POS-terminals,
  • the terminal specification for the use of foreign and domestic EMV-cards at German ATMs; and
  • the chip card specification for the use of German chip cards at foreign EMV-POS-terminals and at foreign and domestic EMV-ATMs

The Workshop covers the following subjects (among others):

  • The current EMV-specifications
  • The current terminal- specifications
  • The transaction process
  • Cryptographic procedures
  • Aspects of process control and security
  • Authorisation at the terminal
  • Requirements on the database in the terminal
  • Connection to the background-system


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