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Know-how transfer

In modern information and communications technologies product management is increasingly dependent on early recognition of actual developments and opportunities and the ability to use this knowledge to the benefit of a business.

“Staying informed” is vital for ensuring long-term success in an environment of dynamic change in terms of both technology and business as a whole. For this reason, SRC offers dedicated seminars for know-how transfer. SRC experts, who are themselves involved in developing the technology basis for modern applications, will inform you and your employees about the latest developments and the resulting opportunities.

SRC Academy seminars provide an ideal environment for rapid know-how transfer among your employees, enabling you to maintain an advantage over your competitors. These dedicated seminars are tailored to your needs and can be carried out as a presentation or workshop. This depends on whether you want a general briefing on a specific current topic or whether you wish to brief your development team on new implementation requirements.

For each seminar, we will agree on the content and approach with you, thus ensuring that you receive the in-depth, first-hand information your company needs.

Your benefits of SRC Academy Workshops:

  • You keep up-to-date on the latest trends
  • You can identify business opportunities through technological progress
  • You receive advice from experts who are themselves involved in technological developments
  • SRC Academy seminars are the ideal way to share know-how internally
  • The seminars can be carried out as a presentation or workshop and are tailored to your needs


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