Securing good advice

SRC offers a full range of services for designing secure transaction and information systems. This includes both secure data storage and secure electronic transaction processing in banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing and public sectors. SRC is internationally renowned for its expertise in designing and optimising reliable, efficient and secure business processes.

SRC services ensure that even in the case of extremely complex systems, information can be accessed securely and reliably by multiple users using differing components on a global basis. Typical examples include electronic payments, e-commerce, chip cards or more wide-ranging implementation of secure networks for data transfer and processing. It is not just the banking and insurance sectors which have these needs, but increasingly other sectors, e.g. securing paid content in the media sector or secure transfer of vehicle data in the automotive sector.

The manufacturing sector also has similar needs, e.g. efficient protection of highly sensitive development data. State-of-the-art solutions from SRC set the industry standard in terms of interoperability, access and data security. SRC does not just “keep up” with international standardisation in these areas, it plays an active role in various national and international standards organisations. Especially in areas where there is no current standard, SRC supports entire industry sectors by developing common standards in order to reduce costs and safeguard long-term investments.


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