Project management

Complex implementation projects with many participants, often from different companies, may lead to internal efficiency problems and stretching of valuable resources, since these projects have to be dealt with in addition to everyday work.

To save time and money on implementation projects, it makes sense to use the services of neutral experts who already have experience of managing complex projects and who have the necessary technical knowledge to manage larger implementation teams successfully.

We offer tailored support to ensure project success, such as project management, project office services or carrying out sub-projects.

Our Expertise

As project manager, SRC is an excellent partner for its customers. Our high customer satisfactionare results are essentially based on the following skills of SRC:

  • The project management activities are tailored to the customer needs
  • Quick familiarisation with the technical and organisational conditions of the customer
  • High integration ability
  • High professional and methodical expertise

SRC's huge experience with project management covers a number of activities including project management for customer projects, implementation and maintenance of processes for the project controlling or the moderation of consortium projects of several customers for an efficient achievement of objectives and as compensation for occasionally diverging interests. 

Our Services

SRC offers among others the following services regarding the project management:

  • A leading function within the project management even of complex projects
  • Implementation, optimisation and/or maintenance of subtasks of the project management such as project controlling, change management, fool-proof test planning and operation
  • Solution of conflicts with diverging interests of several project participants
  • Project planning including cost-benefit calculation
  • All activities of a project office are undertaken in case of larger projects
  • Support for contract negotiations with potential service providers
  • Project controlling for service providers of customers
  • Moderation of the cooperation in the scope of consortium projects

SRC offers a conceptual consultancy for the protection of valuable resources and for the implementation of security requirements by the use of technical and organisational measures.


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